Start Your Own Blog Today! Bring Your Dream to Life!


It can be your personal diary or a useful guide on starting a small business. It can become your consolation or a significant attribute of and requirement for your status. If you approach seriously, it can turn even into a source of your income. Besides, it will allow you to join the huge global community of people among whom you can find your soul mates or business partners. In general, it is quite a multifunctional thing which can stand you in a good stead.

However, at first you need to decide why you wish to start your personal blog. Of course, your purpose can change after you explore the blogosphere, become its participant and part, communicate with other bloggers, and realize whether it really brings you the expected satisfaction.

Still, for now you are just feeling enthusiastic about the whole thing, and especially about the opportunity to get involved into probably one of the friendliest, the most available and the most affordable activities of the modern world. That is into blogging.

Why You Can and Should Become a Blogger

If you venture nothing, you gain nothing. This is a very well-known rule of thumb which has definitely proved true more than once in your life. After you launch your personal website and make a few first posts there, nothing can actually prevent you from giving it up for ever, or, on the contrary, giving it the second try and finally enjoy it. So, starting a blog is one of those points in your check-list which are really worth trying. Let us see why!

Why You Can Do It Why You Should Do It
1.            You have your own story and you want to let others know it. This is a great chance to express your thoughts and emotions. The only thing to remember about is that you must remain human and stick to common moral principles. 1.            Although we all are very different, still we manage to get into the same troubles or have the same aspirations. We share common values and have the same set of emotions. So, your story can become a helpful guideline for someone on the other side of the Earth.
2.            You want to get in touch with people from all around the globe, learn more about their experience in a certain sphere of life, and enrich your knowledge. 2.            You can find right answers to your questions and fresh ideas for your projects. You can meet true professionals, whose advice can be amazingly helpful to you.
3.            You might have heard that bloggers can make pretty good money, and you would like to check whether this theory works in practice. 3.            It is your chance to check your writing skills, apply your knowledge and experience, as well as learn something new, without leaving your place and earning lawful wages.

 5 Simple Steps to Your Dream

Laptop and Landscape

Now let us see how you can fulfill your aim. If you really want it, it is not as difficult and long as it may seem. But at first, we recommend you making sure that you have a few ready texts to post in your blog (by the way, photo and video are more than welcome).

  • Step 1: coin an eye-catching name which could attract other users.
  • Step 2: choose the optimal platform. The safest and most popular platform is WordPress, after which go multi-functional and multilingual Blogger as well as Tumblr (half blog, half social net).
  • Step 3: opt for self-hosting if you are serious about it, because a free alternative does not allow you to get a unique domain name, which means that the platform but not you own your blog.
  • Step 4: create a unique design which would distinguish your blog from others.
  • Step 5: make your first post and … make your second post, and then … if necessary, make your third post, waiting for the community’s reaction.

So, what do you think? Probably, it is not ABC, but it is still quite simple. The true challenge will start somewhat later, when you will need to refresh your blog or if (Heaven forbid it) there are some problems with its security. In any case, you can ask your mates to help you with this particular issue. But when you feel that you lack inspiration, it is better to sacrifice the regularity of your blog refreshments and have some rest. You do not need to force your brain to search for new impressions, it will find them itself after you let it relax.

We wish you good luck and believe that your blog will take its rightful place in the blogosphere!

Thank you for staying with us! Take care!