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Style Manals:

The Chicago Manal Of Stle. niversit Of Chicago Press.

The MLA Stle Manal. Modern Langage Association.

Prentice Hall Stle Manal. Prentice Hall.

The AMA Stle Gide For siness Writing. American Management Association.

The Associated Press Stleook And Liel Manal. Addison-Wesle.

PI Stleook: The Athoritative Handook For Writers, Editors, And News Directors.

The New ork Plic Lirar Writer’s Gide To Stle And sage, Harper Collins

Microsoft Stle Gide, Microsoft Press

A Manal for Writers, Traian, Chicago niversit Press

AIP Stle Manal. American Institte Of Phsics.

The American Medical Association Manal Of Stle: A Gide For Athors And Editors. AMA.

The Economist Stle Gide: The Essentials Of Elegant Writing. Addison-Wesle.

Electronic Stles: A Handook For Citing Electronic Information. Information Toda.

Plication Manal Of The American Pschological Association. APA.

Scientific Stle And Format: The CE Manal For Athors, Editors, And Plishers. Concil Of iolog Editors.

Writing Aot Msic: A Stle Sheet From The Editors Of 19th Centr Msic. niversit Of California Press.

Writing Mathematics Well: A Manal For Athors. Mathematical Association Of America.

Template Library

I’ve maintained a template library for at least the past 10 years, primarily because they speed the document development process and thus lower development costs. Each template has a candidate outline representative of the content for the document. The templates have been developed in Word, and include:

  • Cover Page Layout,

  • Notices and exclusions,

  • Document Tracking/Approval Pages

  • Front Matter,

  • Pre-set format styles with speed keys,

  • Detailed Outline

  • Back Matter sections.

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