Our Features: What, How and Why We Write About Technology

Team Brainstorming

At first, we were really enthusiastic about this project. And then came the day X, when we had to brainstorm the ideas on what we were actually going to write about. Writing about everything would be a really thankless job, because there is too much “everything” in and about the sphere of technology. Following only the latest novelties would also be quite difficult, because in most cases every new discovery or invention has a solid though hidden base, which consists of many achievements of serious prior groundwork.

We really found ourselves at the crossroads. It is like when you want to choose more than one way at a time, but suddenly realize that you appear to have no superpower to split yourself.

The decision was found by one of our bloggers. She suggested us all remembering how we used to do our college homework, how we used to write our essays for a biology class or pore over a research paper in engineering. We all went through it. However, at the moment our main task is not just to write the same essay but without following MLA or APA standards, for example. At the moment we should strive to explain the way we used to do it. You can call it tips, guidelines, recommendations, whatever you like.

We tried her idea out. And it proved really helpful for the rest of the guys who were engaged in blogging too. So, it seems like it is time to share what we have with you! Let us see what you can find in this blog!

Scientists Doing Experiment

What to Write When You Are Writing About Technology

Obviously, when you study Computer Science, for example, you are going to choose a topical issue from this particular sphere. So, it is very unlikely that you will suddenly switch from the topic dedicated to search engines to the biography of Leonardo da Vinci. Still, even when you are sure that you want to write about search engines, you cannot limit your article, blog post, thesis, or whatever you are working on, with the set of different definitions of this term.

Here is what our web content writers and bloggers can advise you, basing on their experience.

Consider Interconnections

Of course, the above-mentioned examples of the two “backgrounds” for writing seem to regard to absolutely different spheres of life, which can never intersect. Then what is the point of trying to interconnect such things? Well, firstly, it will be a new and rather fruitful approach to investigate the principles and features of search engine’s functioning. Secondly and consequently, it provides your writing with practical value. Why not find out how Google works when a user is searching for the info about Leonardo da Vinci?

Pay Attention to Practicality

Technology is always more about practice, while writing as a type of human activity is always more about either theorizing or describing and explaining what happens in practice. So, when you are writing about the way Google reacts to and processes the user’s request for the biography of the great artist, you are describing and explaining the certain practical technology. This is what each of us faces every day. Consequently, this is interesting to read.

Highlight Global Issues or Values

Globalization is not a phenomenon anymore. It is our reality. That is why everything we do is somehow interconnected to and interdependent on what is currently happening around the world. If Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings or diaries are global heritage, then the effort and the purpose to use the computer technology in order to reconstruct them concerns considerably the value of art and its meaning to the whole humanity.

How to Write When You Are Writing About Technology

The deeper you dive into any topic, the more difficult it becomes not to lose the main goal of your writing in the variety of its interconnections with other issues. Still, we have agreed on the fact that connecting technology with different spheres of our life can be really interesting and practical. Now let us see which three qualities can make your article really awesome!

  • Readability is vitally important. When you are writing about the features of the newest camera, it is important to use plain language and remember that, unfortunately, not everyone in this world is a guru of photography and physics of light and optics.
  • Facts cannot be disregarded. Unless you are working on a sci-fi novel. The world’s coolest camera functions according to certain laws and patterns, but not on pure magic.
  • Enthusiasm is your great helper. When the topic you are working with is interesting enough to you, you will be able to convince your readers that it is interesting to them as well.

Why on Earth This All Is Needed

It is good if you ask yourself this question. You have more chances to find a true answer and succeed in whatever you are working on at the moment. If you are a STEM student, you need to put on paper the results of your experiments or the achievements of your projects. Whatever your job is, you definitely cannot but face at least your computer and the Internet, not to mention more serious gadgets and machines. Besides, when you know about the way technological progress goes, you can at least imagine what to expect from it and from your future.

So, welcome on Smart Tech-Writer Blog to find out more about technology and its place in our world!