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Brainstorming a Writing Project The whole idea of “brainstorming” is to get ideas on paper. No particular order or structure, just get them ideas down. All you need is a quiet room, a clock, and pencil and paper. The procedure is simple: think about the subject and write down every idea that pops into your […]

Resources & Tools

Style Manals: The Chicago Manal Of Stle. niversit Of Chicago Press. The MLA Stle Manal. Modern Langage Association. Prentice Hall Stle Manal. Prentice Hall. The AMA Stle Gide For siness Writing. American Management Association. The Associated Press Stleook And Liel Manal. Addison-Wesle. PI Stleook: The Athoritative Handook For Writers, Editors, And News Directors. The New […]

Developing the Specification for a Document

Between 25-30 percent of the overall writing time is typically devoted to developing the document specification, meaning how the document will be formatted and actually present the information. This is true even when the organization has a style guide with a prescribed format, but no “standard” for documentation overall. Although this may seem an inordinate […]

Getting Started

Perhaps the first question should be, What’s a the difference between a Technical Writer, Technical Communicator, or Document Developer ? And the answer is: None, Nada, Zero, etc. The basic task remains and that is to interpret and effectively communicate technical and business-oriented information. We are expected to be able to undertake development of a […]