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Personal Essay

How to Write a Personal Essay

An essay on a personal topic is a small reflection in which the author clearly expresses a view on some individual issues. Typically, these mini-stories are based on some observations of the author, their psychological mood and inner feelings. So, before you start writing, you must choose a clear topic which will help you improve […]

Narrative Essay

How to Write a Narrative Essay

After we have made out how to persuade people by the essay, it is a reasonably needed thing to learn how to write a narrative essay. Obviously, you will need to tell a story, describe a life situation that you have experienced and would like to share in such a way that the reader would […]

Persuasive Essay

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

While composing the paper, the author has a kind of internal dialogue (which evaluates the allegations, the evidence and support, the assumptions, hidden arguments and internal contradictions) and faces the fact that one view is more preferable than the other. Though the author’s opponents may not initially accept it. Those essays can be written on […]

Comparative Essay

How to Write a Comparative-Contrast Essay

While writing an essay paper, the key point is to choose the criteria that distinguish this type of the essay from others. The previous time we have talked about the analytical essay, but today we are considering the comparative-contrast essay. Here, the key is hidden right in the title. Comparison is a method aimed at […]

Creative Student

How to Craft an Analytical Essay

How can you craft an analytical essay using the full potential of all your analytical qualities? In general, the term “essay” is used to describe works, the genre of which is difficult to define precisely. This definition shows that the term “essay” refers to literary works, and thus does not have strict structural rules. It […]