About Us and 3 Reasons for Our Choice


Today we are a big and successful team involved in different start-ups and projects. Our flexible style of performance allows us to participate in many other undertakings and activities, which include consulting, coaching and blogging. In the end of 2000s there were only two of us, and we were the STEM students of two different colleges whose roads crossed at one scientific conference.

Have you ever had that feeling when you realize that in this world there are people who are on the same wavelength with you? It is hard to compare it with anything else. And it appears to be one of the greatest pledges of fruitful cooperation. So, the whole thing started with our first common projects. Later we started to engage our friends who studied Computer Science, Business and Marketing, foreign languages and many other interesting things. One day it somehow occurred to us that, firstly, we were truly interested in every project we had launched together; and, secondly, we could do much more!

Why did we pick up technology then? Here are three main reasons which can shed more light on our choice and on us as well.

Reason 1: The Tech-Issue Has More Facets Than We May Think

About a year ago, when this blog was just a point in our to-do-list, we were discussing some news about smart houses and clean energy sources. It turned out that we all had very different views not only on the very concept of a smart house, but also on the ways how such idea could be brought into life. It was really interesting to find out how many facets that issue had.

So, when we chose the sphere technology as the background and topic of our blog, we knew for sure that we could consider it from very different angles, including even education and college homework. Looking ahead, we can tell you that we are going to connect technology with environmental issues, ethics, psychology, and many other aspects of our life. It was challenging but exciting for us, and we hope we have managed it successfully.

World Map

Reason 2: The Tech-Issue Is Global and Universal

These days we cannot escape from it. Even if you would like to flee to a desert island, you will have to go there at least by plane. Unless you are ready to go on foot and swim, of course. Technology is everywhere and we have to face it whether we like it or not. It cannot help being interested in the news of tech-world, regardless of our education, age and other personal data.

Reason 3: It All Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Every coin has the other side. Technology is our faithful friend until we make it our only friend, who can provide us with everything we need, including communication and care.

By the way, this phrase belongs to one of our website developers, but he asked me not to mention his name. Still, we decided to take this idea into consideration and muse over it.

Indeed, robots and artificial intelligence are real things today. It is another question for which purposes they will be used in our future.

So, we hope you will find many compelling and surprising things here! Thank you for staying with us!

Enjoy your time!