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This is one of the most compelling, controversial and inevitable topics discussed all around the globe nowadays. The sphere of technology has grown so big and broad that it is quite difficult to make out where the whole thing started actually. To say nothing about the fact that it is absolutely impossible to predict where it all is leading us. Still, the year 2025 in Back to the Future looks rather reassuring, so we have some reasons to hope for the better anyway.

But let us return to our days and look around once again. Technology provides us with every kind of services, including even online essay writing and traveling (no, the latter is not about ordering guided tours on the Net, but about “real” virtual traveling with the help of some special programs and widgets). Technology can feed us, educate us, entertain us, cure us; however, it can also do many cruel things which, like Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter series, must not be named.

So, yes, we decided to dedicate the whole blog to this topic. And we are really excited to share what we have created with you! Here we go!

Young Scientist

What to Expect from Us: Quick Overview of Our Ideas

Back in the end of 2000s, when we were launching our first start-ups, we were a team of students who held diplomas in several different STEM majors. Frankly speaking we liked a lot of things about our study, except for the literature we had to avail ourselves of. Of course, it is awesome when you have a great professor who can turn every term and theory into an ABC for you. But unfortunately, you cannot take this professor with you every time you go to the library to pore over another abstruse article.

That is where this very project takes its roots from. We believed and will believe that industrial, computer, information and any other type of technology should be an interesting and topical thing to learn about as much as possible. But we notice that most books and articles about it are hardly readable for guys who are engaged not in STEM but other spheres of science and life in general.

We are going to change this situation! We want to prove that technology is easy to learn or to write a college essay about. We want to prove that it is comprehensible not only for a few dozens of selected geeks, but for everybody who wants to know something about the achievements and innovations of this sphere. So, this blog is designed for you, whoever you are or want to be!


Writing Experience Shared

Of course, the process of creating a new gadget or machine, software or mobile app is full of challenges. The entire phenomenon of technology, especially in the context of its skyrocketing development in the 21st century, is very complex and even ambiguous. But what if you need to write about it all? Find helpful and time-tested strategies here!

  • You will discover plenty of writing tips tricks.
  • You will learn effective approaches to tech-writing.
  • You will be provided with many fresh ideas and examples for your texts.
  • You will see how to organize these ideas and structure your writing in a proper way.
  • You will feel confident about your skills and style!

Let Us Learn Together

This proverb is attributed to many philosophers from different parts of the world. But whoever its real author was, he or she was truly wise. ‘Live and learn!’ this someone once said and set the motto for many centuries to come. The most courageous and prominent authors of all times made attempts to foresee what way the course of history would be turned, what challenges it would face the humanity and whether people would be able to go through them.

What could their courage base on? On the knowledge and the ability to learn. This very ability can help us manage and apply our knowledge in the right way. So, our team also decided to stick to this idea, and together with us you are going to learn:

  • how to select and analyze the info you find;
  • how to transform it into writable ideas for your essays, reports, articles, etc.;
  • how to express and protect your point of view;
  • how to make your knowledge and skills work for you!

Welcome to Follow Our Updates

You know, when you are face to face to several dozens of scientific journals and tabs opened in Google Chrome, it begins to seem that the sphere of technology is much more unembraceable than you expected. Moreover, you realize have to keep pace with all novelties which make it really borderless.

But one of our team members, an incurably optimistic guy, once said that it all was a good motivation to learn more and refresh our blog. His words lifted our spirits.

So, we are happy to introduce to you our Tech-Writer Blog and welcome you to follow its “refreshments”! Stay with us and keep abreast of the latest news and effective tech-life-hacks!